Framland Hundred

Lodge 9453 - Consecrated 1992
Framland Hundred

History of The Framland Hundred Lodge - No.9453


NEED - In January 1991 it was the opinion of the then Provincial Grand Master (R.W. Bro. D.A. Buswell) that founding new Lodges should be encouraged within the Province. This was based upon a view that the optimum number of members of a Lodge should be 40 and that it should take no more than 10 years to reach the Chair.
• Since the membership of The Rutland Lodge No.1130 was approximately 83 and St. Mary’s Lodge No.7162 was 71 it was taking Brethren well in excess of 10 years to attain the Chair of their Lodge. It therefore appeared that there was indeed a requirement for a third Lodge in Melton Mowbray although it was emphasized that any member of a new Lodge should be encouraged to continue membership of their present Lodge.
SPONSOR - Every new Lodge must be sponsored by an existing Lodge in the Province so in order to mark the 40th anniversary of St. Mary’s Lodge No. 7162, it was considered most appropriate for its members to agree to sponsor the new Lodge. The Past Masters Committee of St. Mary’s Lodge therefore considered and agreed at a meeting on 6th April 1977 to recommend that St. Mary’s sponsor a new Lodge in Melton.
NAME - The name of The Framland Hundred Lodge was readily agreed upon. The choice was made as Framland is the only remaining Leicestershire Hundred whose name had not been given to a Masonic Lodge in the Province - (East Goscote Lodge No. 2864, Gartree Lodge No. 7778, Guthlaxton Lodge No. 7717 and Sparkenhoe Lodge No. 8063). A further link with the name is that Wicklow Lodge was previously known as The Framlands.
• The name of The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 is taken from the historic old Wapentake, or Hundred, which included Melton Mowbray and lands to the North East of the town itself. The name Framland was recorded in the Domesday Book as one of Leicestershire's four Wapentakes and remains in use today as a Deanery of the Diocese of Leicester in the Church of England which includes St. Mary's Church in Melton Mowbray.
• This rolling green countryside is famous for its hunting with the Belvoir Hunt, whilst Stilton cheese making is still centred on Colston Bassett and of course the unique Melton Mowbray Pork Pie. You will of course notice that these familiar elements of our local community also constitute the badge of our Lodge.
DATE - After a lengthy discussion and consideration of the meeting dates of other Craft Lodges in the Province and dates of other Orders meeting at Wicklow Lodge, it was decided that the new Lodge should meet four times each year on the third Monday of September, December, February and April at 6.00 p.m.
CONSECRATION - After many more meetings it was finally agreed that The Framland Lodge 9453 would be Consecrated on the 27th May 1992. The ceremony took place at the Provincial Grand Lodge, London Road, Leicester, in the Oliver Temple. There were 35 Founders present of whom 20 were appointed Officers of the new Lodge.

MEETINGS - The Lodge meets 5 times a year on the Third Monday of February, April, September, November, December (Installation).

MEMBERS - At the time of the 25th Anniversary Meeting the Lodge had 35 members and by the end of 2017 this had increased 37 members, two more than when it was founded in 1992. Currently the Lodge has 35 members.

The current Lodge Officers, Members and Meetings Dates can be found under Our Lodge

On the 18th April 2017 at its 107th Regular meeting The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a special Festive Board and the presentation of a small booklet outlining the history of Melton Mowbray’s youngest Lodge from 24th January 1991 to 27th May 1992.The Lodge celebrated its 25th Anniversary at the April 2017 Meeting and a booklet was produced to the record the Lodge History and the Anniversary Meeting to which over 70 Feemasons attended. 


The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 were keen that their new Lodge should have a logo which reflected the traditions of the Framland Hundred itself.
A leaflet explaining how it was created and by whom can be downloaded. - DOWNLOAD HERE

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