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GDPR Policy

The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 is a membership organisation which holds personal data; this is defined as any recorded information which can be used to identify a living individual. Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) it therefore needs to ensure that you are content for them to retain, process and share this information for any reasonable purposes as required by the Book of Constitutions, or the bodies it sanctions, from time to time. However, it shall not collect or store the personal data of our members for any other purposes.

Data Protection Officer
Effective from the 19th February 2018 The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 has appointed the Secretary as our designated Data Protection Officer. The Data Protection Officer will be responsible to the Master and Lodge Committee for ensuring our compliance with data protection law as well as providing a single point of contact for members and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Members’ data rights
• A member may request that the Data Protection Provide a copy of all personal data that
• The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 holds about them.
• Rectify any incorrect personal data held by The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 about them.
• Stop The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 from processing some or all of their personal data.

In all cases the Data Protection Officer shall consider any reasonable request and respond to it in accordance with the law.

Deletion of personal data
A member in good standing may resign from The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 at any time and receive a Clearance Certificate.  After the Lodge has processed such resignation(s) it shall delete the personal data that it holds about that member as set out in the Data Protection Notice.

Sharing data with third parties
As a membership organisation The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 shares the personal data of its members with other organisations as required by the Book of Constitutions. These are principally:
• The Provincial Grand Lodge of Leicestershire and Rutland.
• The United Grand Lodge of England.
• Other bodies it sanctions from time to time.

These organisations are separate data controllers so please refer to their respective Data Protection Notices.

Data Protection Notice
The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 have published a Data Protection Notice which complies with the requirements of data protection law and - among other things - shall inform members how their personal data will be used by the Lodge and how they may contact the Data Protection Officer. Download a copy here - Data Protection Notice

Data security
The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 shall periodically review the security of its records and data processing activities. Where required it will take appropriate steps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of any personal data that it holds.

Registration with ICO
Whilst ensuring compliance with the GDPR, The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453 has elected not to seek registration with the ICO at this time.

Reporting breaches to the Data Protection Officer
Actual or potential breaches of this policy, or of data protection law by The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453, shall, if required, be reported immediately by the Data Protection Officer to the ICO or to the member(s) whose data is affected.  Normally the Data Protection Officer shall not report breaches without prior consultation with the Master and Lodge Committee.

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